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Buying or hiring digital Signage Ashgrove was never so easy and marketing your business was so versatile & simple! If you are looking to advertise your business using digital signs use our simple online booking system, alternatively, you can call us at 0415807570 to discuss any further information. LED (light-emitting diode) is has gained well-deserved popularity due to the flexibility it offers and helps increase sales by 15% to 140%. The marketing material like text, images, and videos can be quickly changed without any hassles.

Cheaper Sign Hire in Coorparoo

Marketing has changed completely in recent few years and it is crucial to hit the right audience with the right approach to gain success and see the business grow. Visual marketing yields gains and LED quickly draws the attention of the bypassers. We would love to provide you with cheaper signs than our competitors.

LED Type Information

Ditch old-school print and those expensive ways of advertising and switch to LED screens Coorparoo that gives you the option of:-

A LED screen gives you the option of Single colour
Dual colour
Full colour
Pictures images
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Why use LED?

  • Bright, high quality, dynamic, and vivid visual grabs every eye passerby, the technology light and conserves 80% of the energy.
  • LED signs help generate your brand awareness easily and quickly, an LED sign speaks loud about your brand.
  • LED board Coorparoo allows creating and displaying dynamic content; you can shuffle messages swiftly and is operational from anywhere.
  • LED has longevity and lasts up to 100,000 hours since it is made from non-breakable materials, it lasts for years.
  • LED signs do not have tubes as components and thus are the super light and thin size that can be mounted on any surface.
  • LED signs to advertise for you 24X 7 and can be customized as per the requirement with full control over what message to display.

What else LED Display Coorparoo signs can do for you?

  1. Builds trust between customer and vendor
  2. Easy to locate the store or office
  3. Provides basic information on the go
  4. Increase footfall in-store or office
  5. Can deliver critical information more efficiently;
  6. Offer Versatility
  7. Saves time & is cost-effective
  8. The quickest way to gain attention
  9. Effective & Impressive way to advertise
  10. Very low maintenance
  11. Eco-friendly way, that does not emit any toxic fumes

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